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The Great Big Absolutely Dockless Bike Blog Roundup

In honour of dockless bikeshare systems arriving in London (other cities are available too), much to the horror of one council, we were tempted to just pile up all the links in this blog roundup in random heaps instead of neatly marshalled into categories as usual (no laughing at the back).

The Great Big Who's to Blame Bike Blog Roundup

Victim blaming seems to be an inescapable part of riding a bike these days but when a lorry strikes a bike sometimes neither cyclist nor driver are fundamentally at fault if the road layout puts them into conflict - but then again it's often easier to blame the victim than to fix the real problem.

The Great Big Insert Loved One Here Bike Blog Roundup

Well, what's the point of slaving over these weekly roundups if we don't occasionally hijack them to remind people of our own agenda such as our new Insert Loved One Here campaign tool launched on Friday in order to shine a light on poor conditions?&n

Insert Loved One Here

How would we feel about a piece of transport infrastructure if we expected people we care about to be using it regularly? 

We certainly wouldn't want our friends, family or loved ones to be exposed to danger, or to be placed in frightening or intimidating situations. Yet this is what using cycling infrastructure in Britain routinely involves, even the kind of cycling infrastructure that appears in our latest manuals and guidance, and that is commonplace on British streets and roads. 

The Great Big Velo-City 2017 roundup

For this week's Roundup, I'm taking a look back at the week I spent in the Netherlands attending the Velo-City 2017 conference in Nijmegen and Arnhem.

The Great Big 200 Years Young Bike Blog Roundup

Obviously, as a resident of Dumfries and Galloway, your blog rounder-upper still maintains that the pedal bike was invented in Keir Mill by one Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1839, however some are choosing to to celebrate this year as the 200th birthday of the bicycle - in response to an environmental crisis, naturally - and still the vehicle of the future today.

The Great Big Lord Buckethead for Prime Minister Bike Blog Roundup

We were hoping this would be the last election-focused bike blog round up for a while, but as the election news unfolds, there was only one standout cycling candidate in this general election, with his policy of free bikes for all, especially after Jeremy Corbyn ruined his reputation with the more hardcore cycling demographic by revealing he only has two bikes an

The Great Big No More Pussyfooting About Bike Blog Roundup

As Ranty Highwayman pointed out this week, tiptoeing around 'encouraging' cycling has got us nowhere for years so it's time to take bold action and rebalance our streets.

The Great Big Bumper-to-Bumper Bank Holiday Bike Blog Roundup

As fine weather and a bank holiday amazingly coincide, we shouldn't be surprised that decades of car-centric policy leads inevitably to gridlock - even though the private car is apparently doomed according to one think tank although sadly not because we're all going to be riding cargo bikes.

The Cut a Slice of Cake, Grab Your Headphones and Take the Armchair Audio Blog Roundup

This week we’re looking at - well, listening to - audio coverage of cycling in various forms from around the world. Strangely audio is somewhat rarer than video, perhaps because helmet cameras and mobile phones have made video easy and obvious where only a select group of enthusiasts would focus on the sounds.


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