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The Great Big Cusp of a Revolution? Bike Blog Roundup

OK, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's true that we seem to stand at a crossroads here in the UK, between business as usual or a genuine transformation of our streets for the better.

The Great Big Fact or Fiction Bike Blog Roundup

Ah, the beginning of April, where any blog-rounder-upper has to tread warily for fear of being caught by the all too plausible spoof - or dismissing a true story for fear it's too far-fetched.

Confessions of a Reluctant Lycra Lout

This is a guest post from Tom Gatehouse, who lives and works in London. You can contact him at

The Great Big Designed to Fail Bike Blog Roundup

Well, Janette Sadik-Khan might have declared the bike wars over last week - but there seem to be plenty more skirmishes to fight if this week is anything to go by. It should hardly need to be said, but well-designed cycling infrastructure shouldn't depend on well-behaved cyclists - in fact it's because some people behave like idiots that good design is needed.

The Great Big You Rode the Bike Lane now Buy the Book Bike Blog Roundup

This week, with Janette Sadik-Khan promoting her new book, there were plenty of reminders of what cities can do with a sufficiently ambitious leadership (although not everyone has got the memo that the bike wars are over.

The Great Big Here Comes Everybody Bike Blog Roundup

It was meant as a snide remark but peoople like 'Madge' - and not just Madge are exactly the sort of users we should be welcoming seeing on London's new cycle superhighways, as well as four-year-olds on the Bearsway.

The Great Big Cycling Backlash Roundup

Back in 2014, Transport for London’s Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan presciently argued

Design principles for mass cycling - Embassy Policy

This is a draft version of our policy position on general design principles for cycling. We welcome comments below!

Executive Summary

The conditions required for mass cycling are well known: people are likely to choose cycling for their journey if they believe their route will be safe, comfortable and convenient.

The Great Big Entirely Un-rebranded Bike Blog Roundup

In light of the CTC rebranding itself as Cycling UK is it time for the Bike Blog Roundup to get itself a new image? Either way, we should all be doing more to talk about 'cycling' rather than 'cyclists' - and be aware that terminology - like 'superhighways' vs 'quietways' - can have unexpected consequences.

The Great Big 'Only Connect' Bike Blog Roundup

It seemed to be a week of thinking holistically this week with a ride on an outer London cycle route that led Ranty Highwayman to realise that we need to think about whole neighbourhoods not routes, while the Westway section of the planned East West London Superhighway shows how important the wider network is in making a cycle route a success - and success breeds success as plans to


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