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The Great Big Scary Enough for Halloween Bike Blog Roundup

As the (English speaking) world recovers from the terrifying prospect of Halloween's annual influx of actual children onto our actual streets, Streetsblog points out that children need undistracted drivers not hi vis to be safe on Halloween - and just because you're composing that email hands free doesn't mean you're not distracted, by the way

The Embassy's 'Greatest Hits' Blog Roundup

For this week's Blog Roundup we're digging back into the archives, to look at some of the best bits of blogging about cycling you might have missed, or that are worth reading again. Call it our Greatest Hits, if you like!

The best writing is really about changing minds, attitudes and perceptions, and that's something that all these blogs have in common. Taken together, the writing on these (and indeed other) blogs amounts to a tremendous resource, produced for the most part by amateurs - people writing, explaining and investigating in their own time.

The Great Big White, Male and Middle Class Bike Blog Roundup

The big news this week, apparently, was a four year old report into attitudes to cycling in London that isn't at all being used as a stick to beat plans for investment in cycling by claiming it's just for the middle classes (but at least stops short of claiming it's an infringement of religious freedoms - maybe next week).

The Great Big Who's the Cyclingest City of them All? Blog Roundup

The release this week of figures from Strava that appear to show London is the most active city for cycling (at least among people who use Strava) left some wondering if that is really the best measure of a cycling city.

The Great Big Battle of the Mini Hollands Bike Blog Roundup

With the deadline approaching for comments on the first tranche of Enfield's Mini Holland scheme, and the plans for Enfield town centre released for consultation, what may be come to be known as the Battle of Green Lanes is hotting up

The Great Big 'Consultation Watch' Roundup

This week's roundup continues our theme of 'something a bit different' for the last weekend in the month - this time we're focusing on current consultations, both national and local.

The Great Big Alternative Reality Bike Blog Roundup

Note: This bike blog roundup is brought to you courtesy of rural broadband which more or less collapses when it rains. Unfortunately this meant I couldn't do my usual complete scan of my bike blog feeds this week so some blog posts may be missing - apologies. And a reminder that we're still looking for guest blog roundup volunteers so if you'd like to have a go - maybe with a themed roundup - then please let us know

The Great Big Near Miss Bike Blog Roundup

In case you missed it (did you see what we did there?) the Near Miss project is back for another year; those in the UK are encouraged to sign up (while cyclists in Portland can instead have an app that allows them to give every ride a thumbs up or thumbs down).

The Great Big to Dangerise or not to Dangerise Bike Blog Roundup

When the annals of UK cycle campaigning come to be written, the great 'dangerisation' debate - whether or not pointing out that building roads that encourage lorries to turn left over cyclists is A Bad Thing, for instance - will hopefully be just one of those quirky historical footnotes, like the War of Jenkins Ear.

The Great Big Academic Roundup

Back in June, we posted a plea for help with compiling the blog roundup. Rachel Aldred is the second blogger to step forward - this time with a themed post. If you've got an idea for a themed roundup or would just like to help out, please let us know.


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