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The Great Big Late-Late-Running Bike Blog Roundup

Apologies for the late arrival of this blog roundup, which was due to my discovery that Center Parcs may be a largely traffic-free cycling paradise (adjusted for being in the UK) but also doesn't have WiFi in the cabins. So, without further ado...

The Great Big Education, Education, Education Bike Blog Roundup

In a quiet week, there was no question what the big bike blog story was in the UK this week - Chris Boardman reminding drivers about the highway code and specifically how to pass cyclists - something which even a motoring website thinks should be a public information film and something which Magnatom hopes

The Great Big Silly Season Bike Blog Roundup

It's August, which means half the world appears to be on holiday, and the other half wishes it was.

The Great Big Riddle Wrapped in an Enigma Bike Blog Roundup

Well, this week seemed to be the week of answered, unanswered and plain unanswerable questions in bike blog land - starting with the case of the missing space for cycling on Sherlock's own Baker Street - or perhaps it's no mystery when you realise arch-villain Westminster council is at the root of it - the L

The Slightly Smaller Blog Roundup

If you’re wondering why this week’s round up is slightly shorter than usual, let me explain. You may recall a couple of weeks ago that the CEGB asked for volunteers to help write the round up. Well, I contacted Sally last Friday who happened to mention there was an opportunity to write this week’s edition. When I asked how long it usually takes, I was shocked to hear her say eight hours. But then Sally forwarded me the list of UK bike blogs – all 220 of them! As an occasional blogger and avid reader of blogs, I was taken aback that there are now so many.

The Great Big Dutch or Double Dutch Bike Blog Roundup

We read a lot in this blog round up about what UK and other English-speaking cycle bloggers think of cycling in the Netherlands, but if you've ever wondered what a Dutch blogger thinks of cycling in the UK wonder no more - although, even if your mum forces you to wear a silly helmet when cycling in such a hostile environment it's still better than all the alternatives for getting around

The Great Big Actually they DO Own the Roads Bike Blog Roundup

It was a bad - or good, depending on your point of view - week for cliches as the chancellor brought back road tax (for England, anyway), undoing years of Treasury policy and resurrecting a tired old zombie argument that had ne

Nine things Leicester is doing right

The Cycling Embassy recently visited Leicester for our AGM. In addition to our formal business and discussions, we had plenty of time to get out on our bikes and tour the city, kindly shown around by the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group.

Leicester isn't brilliant for cycling. There are many roads and streets where there cycling infrastructure is poor or non-existent, and where better stuff does exist, it is discontinuous, or of a lower quality at junctions.

The Great Big Tour de Utrecht Bike Blog Roundup

With the caravan of the Tour de France starting from Utrecht - and giving everyone who watched the highlights show a brief infrastructure safari - we make no apology for an even more than usually Dutch-focused roundup this week. But what lessons do the Dutch offer us, even if Utrecht apparently has almost no data on its daily cyclists.

Blog Roundup - Help Wanted!

This weekend the Cycling Embassy had a fabulous AGM weekend in Leicester - you can get a flavour of the two days from the #CEoGBAGM hash tag - but it did mean that compiling the blog roundup had to take a back seat to the weekend's activities, so you'll just have to wait until next week to catch up with what has been going on in the bike blogging world.


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