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The One-Off 'Guides and Standards and Tools' Roundup

There's an awful lot of guidance out there on building for cycling, and actually quite a few tools for campaigners and those interested in supporting engineers and councils, to look at. This week's round-up is an attempt to gather a reasonably comprehensive list of the things we know about. (We'll also try to tell you all the acronyms, as these pop up in discussions a lot.)

the Great Big Windshield Perspective Bike Blog Roundup

The West Midlands Police's cycling safety initiative - highlighted in this blog last week - has been met with massive approval from Cycling UK and their own chief constable

The Great Big the Policeman and the Cyclist can be Friends Bike Blog Roundup

You know that when a link about cycling starts getting passed to you by your non-cycling friends then it's something special - and this post by the West Midlands Traffic Police was no disappointment, with social media resounding to the sound of jaws dropping at a police blog getting cyclists' safety so right (and perhaps they might have a word with Team Sky's bus driver w

The Great Big Not in my Back Yard Bike Blog Roundup

We start things off this week in Scotland, where two different cycling schemes with great potential are getting a hostile reception from objectors, who apparently like cycling but don't want cycling infrastructure on 'their' roads.

The Great Big Side-By-Side by Cycle Bike Blog Roundup

Perhaps it's the summer weather, but it seems that sociable cycling was in the air - although this excellent suggestion of the chatting index as the measure of decent infrastructure actually dates from June.

The Great Big Priorities Please (Again!) Blog Roundup

It's a well-worn phrase that a picture can be worth a thousand words; in the case of the Department for Transport an organisation chart (and a stock photo) tell you everything you need to know about where cycling and walking lie on the priorities list - while the agenda of a a local transport summit makes it clear what role the Scottish government thinks walking and cycling has for rural

The Great Big No Bike Route Left Behind Bike Blog Roundup

The Olympics may be all about the winners and losers, but as the Scottish transport minister announces that Glasgow was the lucky winner of its Community Links PLUS design competition, Pedal on Parliament wonders what life would be like if education was funded the same way - while some parts of Scotland don

The Great Big The Game is Afoot Bike Blog Roundup

Yes, the Olympics have started - for what it's worth - and the world makes its regular discovery that the Dutch will cycle anywhere, although hopefully they will be careful of the drivers.

The Great Big Two Steps Forward, One Step Backwards Bike Blog Roundup

It was of course the Cycling Embassy's AGM in Cambridge a couple of weekends ago. Ranty Highwayman took a typically detailed look at the cycling environment in the city, following infrastructure safaris organised by Cambridge Cycling Campaign, in two separate blogposts.

The Great Big Augmented Reality Bike Blog Roundup

We at the Cycling Embassy would like to extend our condolences to the Boardman family after the death of Carol Boardman, killed by the driver of a pickup on her bike - and especially Chris Boardman who has done so much to campaign for safer cycling. As Chris Boardman himself said in his tribute to his mother, "may the wind be ever at your back".


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