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Why the Netherlands is important for British cyclists

Jim Davis invited me to make a guest post before the CEoGB Study Tour in September.

Britain and the Netherlands are very similar in many ways.

The two countries are adjacent to each other. If not for the North Sea, a storm in which devastated areas of both countries in 1953, they would share a border.


Why Blackfriars Bridge is more than just a London issue.

Proposals to re-design the northern junction of Blackfriars Bridge have generated a striking campaign to ensure that cyclists are kept safe; galvanising cycle campaigners and everyday and ordinary people on bikes alike. Whilst the ‘Battle for Blackfriars’ rages on, it is becoming clear that the policies which seek to endanger cyclists are not just a London issue.

Cycling over Blackfriars bridge with transport minister Norman Baker

Carlton Reid discusses the Blackfriars problem with Norman Baker, and hears comments from Ashok Sinha, CEO of the London Cycling Campaign, as well as Jim Davis, the Chair of the CEoGB:

Many thanks to Carlton for recording this for!


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