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The Great Big Congestion-busting Blog Roundup

We start this week with something that isn't at all surprising to cycle campaigners - that building new roads only provides a short-term fix to congestion, with those new roads rapidly filling up with new car trips.

The Great Big Sincerest Form of Flattery Bike Blog Roundup

When Gandhi (or was it Einstein) said, "First they ignore us, then they ridicule us, then they fight us, then we win", he missed out a vital interim stage, where they copy our tactics: if last week we had guerrilla action creating bike lanes, this week it was the anti-cyclist forces making their own interventions on the streets and even harnessing cute children to pr

the Great Big Plumbing the Depths Bike Blog Roundup

Last week we reported about the guerrilla bike lane plumbers - this week we learned that their DIY protection had been made permanent while People for Bikes tracked down the initially anonymous team behind it, who know a thing or two about savvy stunts.

The Great Big Moving People not Cars Bike Blog Roundup

If there was a theme this week, it was about the need to think about moving people not cars - because thinking about cars alone has repeatedly scarred our cities without ever easing congestion, endangered the lives of pedestrians - and as driving gets cheaper

The Great Big This is your Brain in Traffic Bike Blog Roundup

There wasn't much of an overarching theme this week, but with news that UK drivers are spending four days a year looking for parking spots, and Cardiff's drivers are spending 9% of their time stuck in traffic, we did wonder what all that traffic was doing to people's minds, whatever their mode of transport.

The Great Big Pedal Power to the People Bike Blog Roundup

Last week cyclists were taking to the streets - and that looks set to continue with local elections looming in May with Pedal on Parliament spreading to three cities in Scotland and aiming to be the biggest ever.

The Great Big Out on the Streets Protesting Bike Blog Roundup

It was a relatively quiet week this week, as far as blogging was concerned - maybe that's because so many of you were out protesting.

The Great Big Alternative Facts Bike Blog Roundup

Events may soon overtake us again, but this week seemed to be the one for #alternativefacts, with Magnatom getting into the spirit by looking at the chaos caused by bike lanes on Bears Way.

The Great Big Coughing and Choking Bike Blog Roundup

This was a week in which air pollution hit the headlines, particularly in the capital, which saw record levels of air pollution - a 'very high' alert, exceeding the 

The Great Big Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail Bike Blog Roundup

In a week when the whole world needed some good news, sadly, Scotland's latest version of its Cycling Action Plan wasn't it, leaving Spokes (and others) disappointed, while Cycling UK sees some good points but they won't acheive much without increasing investment.


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