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The Great Big Lord Buckethead for Prime Minister Bike Blog Roundup

We were hoping this would be the last election-focused bike blog round up for a while, but as the election news unfolds, there was only one standout cycling candidate in this general election, with his policy of free bikes for all, especially after Jeremy Corbyn ruined his reputation with the more hardcore cycling demographic by revealing he only has two bikes an

The Great Big No More Pussyfooting About Bike Blog Roundup

As Ranty Highwayman pointed out this week, tiptoeing around 'encouraging' cycling has got us nowhere for years so it's time to take bold action and rebalance our streets.

The Great Big Bumper-to-Bumper Bank Holiday Bike Blog Roundup

As fine weather and a bank holiday amazingly coincide, we shouldn't be surprised that decades of car-centric policy leads inevitably to gridlock - even though the private car is apparently doomed according to one think tank although sadly not because we're all going to be riding cargo bikes.

The Cut a Slice of Cake, Grab Your Headphones and Take the Armchair Audio Blog Roundup

This week we’re looking at - well, listening to - audio coverage of cycling in various forms from around the world. Strangely audio is somewhat rarer than video, perhaps because helmet cameras and mobile phones have made video easy and obvious where only a select group of enthusiasts would focus on the sounds.

The Great Big Me, You and Froomey Too Bike Blog Roundup

I'm sure a lot of cyclists secretly like to think they've got a lot in common with the pros - but it turns out what joins the rest of us to people like Chris Froome is encountering a road-raging driver, followed up by some unsolicited advice on how to ride a bike on Twitter.

The Great Big After the Voting, Now for Action Bike Blog Roundup


Although overshadowed somewhat by a looming general election, last week saw people going to the polls to vote in a range of local elections across the country, with councillors being asked their position on cycling (and walking) in Scotland (with handy manifesto summaries from Walk Cycle Vote), and in

The Great Big Unearthing for Earth Day Bike Blog Roundup

We're used to the fact in the UK that some of our best infrastructure was built by the Victorians (in the form of old railway lines - although maybe not when you have to tackle these ramps on and off them), but now Carlton Reid proposes unearthing some historical infrastructure of slightly more recent origin - the forgotten c

Evidence roundup - the importance of infrastructure in enabling cycling

For this week's roundup we've compiled another of our 'one off' specials - we've previously looked at the evidence for shopping on the high street and how designing for walking and cycling actually boosts business.

This week we are looking at the evidence for the importance of cycling infrastructure, particularly when it increasing cycling levels, and the effectiveness of different kinds of interventions.

Barriers to Cycling

The Great Big Bikes not Bombs Bike Blog Roundup

In an increasingly uncertain world, one thing is certain: bike lanes cost a lot less than bombs and deliver (if you'll pardon the pun) more bang for the buck, as long as the 'bang' you want is things like savings on health care.


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