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the Great Big Road User or Cycle Track User Bike Blog Roundup

As the world looks forward to Trump's inauguration this week, Chris Grayling put in a late bid to become the second-most misguided politician, with a spot of confusion over who is a road user, leaving a former transport minister somewhat unimpressed at the clumsy remark and Chris Boardman - who has

Cycling Embassy Submission to APPCG Justice Enquiry

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain notes the APPCG enquiry into Cycling and the Justice System:  

Prior to our response to the specific areas being looked at, we would argue that the subject of this inquiry should be seen as subsidiary to the general goal of enabling more people to cycle in the UK for a wider variety of journeys in a wider variety of places.

The Great Big Hopes and Fears Bike Blog Roundup

It's been fair to say that most people, certainly in bike blog land, were happy to see the back of 2016 and while some have been looking back many have been looking forward to this year with a mixture of hope and anxiety - here's a flavour of them from Peter Walker in the Guardian Bike Blog, to

The Great Big Bike Industry Blog Round Up

In the final week before Christmas, we are very pleased to host a guest roundup - a special seasonal treat! - compiled by Mark Sutton of Cycling Industry News. Mark offers his thoughts on what 2016 presented in terms of cycling advocacy and the industry, and what might be come in 2017. Enjoy!


The Great Big Turning the Corner Bike Blog Roundup

As we prepare to turn the page on 2016, with hope of a better year to come.

The Great Big Be NICE Bike Blog Roundup

Another week, another report launched in a blizzard of clickbaity headlines, this time the NICE report on air pollution that didn't actually recommend getting rid of speedbumps (but failed to mention traffic calming alternatives that do work) and which seemed to be based on fairly weak evidence - but the call for sepa

The Great Big 'Good UK Cycling Infrastructure" Roundup

This week's roundup is something a bit different - a look at the good (or at least, adequate) cycling infrastructure that exists in the United Kingdom, principally focused on the designs that have been built recently, as well as some infrastructure that is about to be built.

Cycling and Femininity - A Guest Post

This guest post is by Pearl Ahrens, who is currently studying at UCL. You can find her online as @GreenZinester.


The Great Big Round and Round and Roundabout Bike Blog Roundup

In these grim times, let's start with a little glimmer of light this week as the UK's first Dutch roundabout is approved in Cambridge (not this one), with a few tweaks to make it more Dutch.

the Great Big You've Been Trumped Bike Blog Roundup

Well, there was no question what was going to be the biggest story this week in non-bike news but Trump's election set off plenty of ripples in the bike blogging world, with Bike Silicon Valley finding it's more important than ever for campaigns to build equality into their work and Bike Portland pointing out that this makes the US national bike summit more vital th


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