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The Great Big 'Cycling Menace' Bike Blog Roundup

The big - and almost entirely unavoidable - news last week was of course that prosecution, and the inevitable fall-out.

The Great Big Balance what Balance Bike Blog Roundup

There was a bit of a 'big picture' feel to the bike (and transport and urbanism generally) blogs this week - starting with the myth of balance among all modes of transport and the idea that pluraity means giving more and more space for cars rather than excluding them from cities altogether.

The Great Big Fighting over Crumbs Bike Blog Roundup

If there was a lesson this week from the Putney Bridge jogger incident (apart from the fact that commentators will shoe-horn in imprecations about cyclists whatever the issue) it's that we are building in conflict on narrow pavements because we aren't prepared to take space away from cars even though it is motorised traffic that is causing the real problems and if we want

The Great Big It's Good to Breathe Bike Blog Roundup

Every week, we include many links in these roundups showing how bikes in general (and cycling infrastructure in particular) are a Good Thing, helping to solve many of our modern problems - whether it's rebuilding your city and community after a devastating hurricane, reducing stress levels by up to half, or

The Great Big Can We Have A Cycling Commissioner Too Bike Blog Roundup

The big headlines this week were generated by two high-profile (and near simultaneous) cycling-related appointments. In Manchester, Chris Boardman has been appointed the city's first Walking and Cycling Commissioner, reporting directly to the city's mayor.

The Great Big Department of the Bleeding Obvious Bike Blog Roundup

In news that will come as no surprise to regular readers of this roundup, the final report on England's Cycle Demonstration Towns finds that sustained and concentrated investment in cycling does indeed pay off in increased cycling, even though the disbanding of Cycling England meant that

The Great Big Absolutely Dockless Bike Blog Roundup

In honour of dockless bikeshare systems arriving in London (other cities are available too), much to the horror of one council, we were tempted to just pile up all the links in this blog roundup in random heaps instead of neatly marshalled into categories as usual (no laughing at the back).

The Great Big Who's to Blame Bike Blog Roundup

Victim blaming seems to be an inescapable part of riding a bike these days but when a lorry strikes a bike sometimes neither cyclist nor driver are fundamentally at fault if the road layout puts them into conflict - but then again it's often easier to blame the victim than to fix the real problem.

The Great Big Insert Loved One Here Bike Blog Roundup

Well, what's the point of slaving over these weekly roundups if we don't occasionally hijack them to remind people of our own agenda such as our new Insert Loved One Here campaign tool launched on Friday in order to shine a light on poor conditions?&n

Insert Loved One Here

How would we feel about a piece of transport infrastructure if we expected people we care about to be using it regularly? 

We certainly wouldn't want our friends, family or loved ones to be exposed to danger, or to be placed in frightening or intimidating situations. Yet this is what using cycling infrastructure in Britain routinely involves, even the kind of cycling infrastructure that appears in our latest manuals and guidance, and that is commonplace on British streets and roads. 


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