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The Great Big Hope Springs Eternal Bike Blog Roundup

Perhaps it's the tentative return of spring in the northern hemisphere (despite the realisation that there's really no space for cycling along London's most popular routes), but we're feeling a little optimistic this week.

The Great Big Watch Out, It's An Armadillo! Blog Roundup

Armadillos are armour-plated creatures - perhaps their plastic cousins could do with that degree of thick-skinned protection, given the criticism they're coming in for over the last week. The Alternative Department for Transport thinks they're the Emperor's New Infrastructure - popular because they're cheap.

The Great Big Every Day should be International Women's Day Bike Blog Roundup

We're a bit late to the party here, but it was nice to see International Women's day getting some bike love, with a series of blogs on the LCC site from women about what space for cycling means for them - from Rachel Aldred, Cathy Bussey, Kerene Fussell and more - check them all hout here.

A View from the Drawing Board - Turbogate

Another guest blog in our series from a traffic engineer, A View from the Drawing Board. Previous posts can be found here and here. This blog addresses some aspects of the plan to install a 'Turbo Roundabout' in Bedford. 


The Great Big Merrily Motorway Cycling Bike Blog Roundup

With the news this week of the cyclist found 'merrily cycling' along the M25 - and fortunately for his own safety escorted onto the much more bike friendly A30, the question arises as to who the real idiots are - those who cycle along motorways or those who put narrow cycle lanes on what are all but motorways - and then leave cyclists with

The Great Big 'Dutch Enough For Ya?' Bike Blog Roundup

We'll get on to the great 'does my junction look Dutch in this?' debate in a minute but first there are some important dates for your diary.

'Turbogate' should represent an end to two-tier provision

'Turbo' roundaboutBy now, the dust is beginning to settle on the 'Turbogate' affair - the funding of a 'Turbo' roundabout in Bedford with money from the Department for Transport's Cycle Safety Fund.

The Great Big How Much is Enough Bike Blog Roundup

We started this week with the idea that little plans are not enough - you can't build a cycling economy on the 5% who are happy to ride with nothing but paint on the road for encouragement, and that while quick and cheap fixes can be great in the right circumstances, on some roads (and especially junctions) even a barrowload of armadillos can be totally inadequate (especially

Why we need more than quietways in London

In a guest blog for us, Andy Isitt explains why he would love a safe way to cycle into central London - and why the proposed quietways network is not the answer.

The Great Big Devastatingly Good-looking if not Exactly Speedy Bike Blog Roundup

In the week that slow cyclists everywhere learned they weren't that good looking (with some quibbles) - oh and their opinions don't really count when it comes to cycling infrastructure - it's time to welcome the UK's latest (and I would judge, fairly slow)


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