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The Great Big Big Ride Bike Blog Roundup

I hope everyone who could make it managed to attend one of the big rides taking place around the country - with reports already in from London (with the view from South London too),

The Great Big Bumper Edition Bike Blog Roundup

Due to illness last week, this is an attempt to boil down two weeks worth of blogs into the already overheated weekly roundup, so apologies in advance for an even more hectic gallop through bike blog land than usual.

The Great Big What Do We Want? Bike Blog Roundup

Saturday's Pedal on Parliament seems to have kicked off the bike campaigning season with families to the fore, unimpressed by the minister's last minute announcement of more money for education - even those without any children yet consider

The Great Big Pedalling on Parliament Bike Blog Roundup

And yes, I am shamelessly hijacking this blog roundup (and the Guardian bike blog) to remind everyone about Pedal on Parliament which is needed more than ever after a bad week in Scotland - sometimes the greatest battle is to persuade people that they can make a difference.

The Great Big 'it's the Environment, Stupid' Bike Blog Roundup

This week we learned not that active travel (among other things) will not only save the planet but also solve our inactivity epidemic and help prevent 25,000 premature deaths from air pollution.

Embassy response to Hills Road/Huntingdon Road Cycling Scheme

The plains for changes to Hills Road and Huntingdon Road represent a promising step-change in the way cycling is designed for on main roads in Cambridge. The principle of separating cycle traffic from motor traffic on this kind of road is exactly the right approach.

The Great Big April Fool! Blog Roundup

It was April Fool's Day this week, and that provided an opportunity for Maidstone On Bike to have some fun, at Transport for London's expense, with a parody version of cycling infrastructure for Parliament Square that unfortunately isn't actually all that different from what is often provided...

The Great Big Spring Forward Bike Blog Roundup

A Numbers Game

It's hard not to feel a little cheery as the days lengthen, and spring arrives with a chance to sample some country courtesy after the grind of the city.

Sustainable Safety (Duurzaam Veilig)

We're very pleased to present a post by Paul James of Pedestrianise London, on the subject of Sustainable Safety - the Dutch approach to road and street design that reduces danger, and improves accessibility and mobility for all, regardless of their mode of transport.


The UK has a 1960s road network, a network designed for an age when the motor vehicle was the future of transportation, and its negative attributes were poorly understood.

Response to TfL's proposed changes in King's Cross

Transport for London's proposed changes to the road network around King's Cross are disjointed, half-hearted and almost entirely sub-standard - well below the quality required to encourage more people to cycle in London.


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