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The Great Big Good News or Is It? Bike Blog Roundup

This week started with the government's funding announcement (or reannouncement) of not much more than the axed Cycling England was spending, or, to put it in context about one roundabout.

The Great Big Still Trying to Catch Up Bike Blog Roundup

We'd barely pressed publish on last week's roundup when the bike blog world had already started to get its teeth into the actual Nice Way Code adverts (was that really just a week ago?) and wondered whether they were trolling or else some kind of a parody,

The Great Big Wouldn't it Be Nice Bike Blog Roundup

No prizes for guessing what this week's big story was, with the Nice Way Code being launched to universal derision - even one of its backers gave it a pretty lukewarm endorsement as the campaign rushed to explain themselves and Sustrans described it as a

The Great Big Out of Date before it's Begun Bike Blog Roundup

No sooner had the ink dried on the last blog round up (that's metaphorical ink, by the way, don't write in) than it was out of date with another cyclist killed even as a ghost bike memorial was being installed for the eight killed so far.

A View from the Drawing Board - Cycle Track Priority Across Side Roads

We're very pleased to present another guest blog from a traffic engineer, in our series A View from the Drawing Board.

The Great Big Knee-Jerk Reaction Bike Blog Roundup

It's been glorious weather and we'd love this week's roundup to be full of stories of happy cyclists but unfortunately once more the UK bike blogs have been full of calls for a knee-jerk reaction as a third cyclist is killed in London in as many weeks bringing

The Great Big We're Not Going to Take it Any More Bike Blog Roundup

No question what the story was this week - after the death last week of Philippine De Gerin-Ricard and her mother's horror that she hadn't stood a chance, the planned

The Great Big Summer's Here Bike Blog Roundup

Well, we were hoping to be done with the bad news last week, but unfortunately this week was bookended by more high-profile cyclists' deaths.

How does a Dutch environment work for pedestrians?

Last week I was a guest on a three day trip to Amsterdam and Utrecht, with some UK transport planners, including John Dales and Phil Jones. It was an interesting visit for me particularly because I was with a group who were looking at the street environment more generally, and not specifically at cycling infrastructure (although that was the purpose of the trip). 

The Great Big Desperately Seeking Good News Bike Blog Roundup

What a week - one where Spokes in Edinburgh wondered if this was the worst week ever for cycling - where the People's Cycling Front issued something of a call to revolution - where there seems to be little national political will, with the exception of a few glimmers


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