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The Great Big World Day of Remembrance Bike Blog Roundup

Yesterday was the World Day of Remembrance for traffic victims (including one of the very earliest) and time to take a stand.

The Great Big Lest We Forget Bike Blog Roundup

It is fitting to start this roundup (on the 11th day of the 11th month) by remembering the war dead - which, as the Guardian reminds us, included some cycling soldiers too.

When Newcastle Went Dutch for a Day

It was (high) time for the Dutch dingdongsLove Cycling Go Dutch conference series to come to Newcastle.

The Great Big Trick or Treat Halloween Bike Blog Roundup

We start this Halloween week with the treats - such as this heartwarming tale of a bin-lorry parking lot turned into a proper park (complete with pumpkins) - and some uplifting bike-borne tales of how a bike can help you find love, experience moments of the sublime or just

The Great Big is it Getting Better or Worse Blog Round-up

We kick off this week with the news that a few people are riding bikes in Surrey, which should be good news, but isn't apparently. Amazingly the police can't regulate people riding bikes on the open road, which is what people in the home counties want.

The Embassy Sets a Good Example

You may have noticed that the home page of the Embassy's web site has a new addition – Good Cycling Facility of the Week.

Every week we'll be showcasing a piece of cycling infrastructure that we hope will help you to visualise what everyday journeys by bike could look and feel like.

Shared use footways, and two-tier provision

Embassy Chair Mark Treasure takes a look at new cycling schemes that involve shared use footways

A few weeks ago I was invited to Chichester to take a look at West Sussex County Council's proposals for cycling on the large gyratory system that cuts through the centre of the city. This will involve spending a considerable amount of Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) money, with the intention of making it possible for people who are not minded to cycle on a fast, multi-lane road system to cycle through the area.

The Great Big Keep Death off the Roads Bike Blog Roundup

Apologies for the title - we do try to accentuate the positive as we are urged to do, but when the news is dominated by the inquests into a young woman's  and an older man's deaths - complete with a

A Safari Around Leicester

A report from Kats Dekker

The Great Big Why Have We Not All Moved to Groningen Yet Bike Blog Roundup

This week saw Groningen dubbed the world's cycling city by Streetfilms, with David Hembrow on hand to fill in some of the details, and prompting ibikelondon to remember a great visit - and the rest of us to pack our bags for the Netherlands, with reports from


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