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The Great Big ASA-Approved Anniversary Blog Roundup

Well, we were planning to spend this week celebrating our birthday, marked by the birth of yet another Embassy-inspired local cycling campaign (one of those names looks very familiar).

The Great Big Five-Mile-Per-Hour Bike Blog Roundup

This week appears to have been national Propose a Pointless Rule week, with Magnatom wondering if he can actually cycle slowly enough to use Glasgow's parks - with proposed limits for bikes (but not cars) of 5mph leaving campaigners speechless (no mean feat, if you've ever met a Glaswegian).

The Great Big Pavement Cycling Bike Blog Roundup

The big news this week was the reiteration by our minister for cycling that it's OK to ride on the pavement as long as you're in fear of your life - although nobody seems to have told the Met Police.

The Great Big Never Mind the Polar Vortex Bike Blog Roundup

With a whole scary new weather phenomenon to contend with this winter - not to mention a brand new twist on the whole 'scofflaw cyclist' thing (but what about those pesky pedestrians with disabilities), Canadians were finding it

The Great Big Pie in the Sky Bike Blog Roundup

We welcomed 2014 with a great big blast of deja vu as the London Skyways idea refuses to die - despite not having history on its side.

The Great Big All We Want for Christmas Bike Blog Roundup

Well, it's the last roundup of the year, and the time to be thinking positively about how we can have happier cities - and not ones where walking and cycling have been designed out.

The Great Big Ten Reasons to be Cheerful Bike Blog Roundup

Well there's been much doom and gloom in bike blog land in recent weeks, for obvious reasons, but with Christmas approaching bloggers seemd in a cheerier mood, giving us ten reasons to ride a bike in Leicester and in Manchester, as well as reasons to use a bike share (not to mention ten reasons why

The Great Big Playing Dead Bike Blog Roundup

After a torrid week, Friday saw thousands attend the die-in outside Transport for London's headquarters - with o

The Great Big 'Don't Panic' Bike Blog Roundup

Even the good news stories can be depressing when you think how little freedom UK kids have, as Seven League Boots reports. In one school the children at least have the joy of telling the adults off for bad parking, and here's the


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