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The Great Big Peace'n'Love'n'Understanding Bike Blog Roundup

Welcome to the bumper two-for-the-price-of-one Bike Blog Roundup - we can't be the only ones who've returned from a week off to find that somehow more than a week's work has accumulated in our absence.

My Dream Cycleway

In this post, I'm going to try and define some qualities that I think make a great cycleway. Despite the title, there's nothing dream-like about them, they're all photos of real cycleways. Not all of the photos are perfect in every way, but they each have at least one positive quality that I think is important.

The focus of this blog post is the physical attributes of an urban cycleway, so I have left out other important and valuable measures such as mode filtering and route unravelling.

The Great Big What do Women Want? Bike Blog Round Up

Ah, it's always great to start the week with yet another 'why don't women cycle?' handwringer (for some it's simply because their cargo bike got stolen) - and Meg Hillier kicked things off in fine style in the Telegraph by apparently implying that what women really want is a slow lane, which the paper followed up with an

The Great Big Twirling Tunnocks Teacake Bike Blog Roundup

As Scots everywhere recover from the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, the world has come to Glasgow for a couple of weeks and discovered half the cycle lanes are closed - although at least the road closures don't apply to bikes - no wonder the Sri Lankan cycling team had to get a bit creative when it came to finding somewhere to train.

This could be any UK town. Please help save cycling in Maidstone

This is a guest post from Maidstone On Bike.

Please send help.

Maidstone doesn’t have an organisation representing cycling in the town. Therefore when a proposal to remove the only safe river crossing for cyclists in Maidstone is approved, I need reinforcements to fight this.

The Great Big Induced Demand Bike Blog Roundup

It's been a bit of a mixed bag of a week in bike blog land, but one theme that stood out was the arrival of more evidence - if evidence were needed - that if you build it, they do come, from further digestion of last week's New Zealand study into the impact of investment in cycling to that and two more studies from Belgium and US on the same subject .

LCDS - Chapter 4, Junctions and Crossings

The Embassy will be discussing the draft London Cycling Design Standards this evening on Twitter - (hashtag #LCDSHour). We've already posted some thoughts on Chapters 1 and 2, and Chapter 3.

The Great Big Legacy, what Legacy? Bike Blog Roundup

As the Tour Yorkshire decants itself to France, and before the last of the knitted bunting has even been taken down, the shine is already coming off the supposed legacy, with news that £6 million of TfL's cycle safety budget had been blown on the London stage - while the schoolchildren of Lambeth haven't bought the hype, probably because

LCDS - Chapter 3, Cycle Lanes and Tracks

On Monday evening, from 8pm, the Embassy is going to be hosting a session discussing the new draft London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS), on Twitter (hashtag #LCDSHour). Katja Leyendecker has already provided an overview of the early chapters of LCDS, and in anticipation of Monday I'm going to give some initial thoughts on Chapter 3 - Cycle Lanes and Tracks, which covers cycle provision on links.

The Great Big Grand Depart Bike Blog Roundup

As 2.5 million people crowded onto the road verges of Yorkshire, demolishing the contention that cycling in any of its forms is something of interest to only a handful of cranks in this country, discussion of its legacy had already begun, even if some thought it only of limited relevance to the daily cyclist and that we should just enjoy it as the great bicycle race it is.


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