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The Great Big Building Bridges Blog Roundup

It was a diverse week of blogging, but one significant theme emerged - that of building bridges. Both the physical ones, and the metaphorical ones!

Building bridges

LCDS - early chapters and verse

LCDS draft cover

The Great Big Too Busy Cycling Bike Blog Roundup

A sunny summer week, combined with some sort of a football tournament, meant a quietish week this week, with many people apparently too busy riding to blog except in Leeds (but then again, have you seen Leeds?) But summer also means bike events and protests so a few people dragged themselves indoors long enough to write up everything from Edinburgh's Naked(ish) bike ride

The Embassy's Brighton Infrastructure Safaris

On the weekend of the 7th and 8th June, the Embassy descended on Brighton for our AGM. As is always the case, the weekend was interspersed with 'infrastructure safaris' - gentle rides to take a look at what is (and what isn't) being done to make cycling a viable mode of transport, and a useful way to escape from meetings in a stuffy room on a sunny day. 

The Great Big Friday the Thirteenth Bike Blog Roundup

It's been a bit of a mixed bag blog-wise this week, but one theme that did emerge was road justice, highlighted by the CTC's appropriately dated Friday the 13th sentencing debate in which there were calls for the burden of proof to be changed in road justice cases.

The Great Big No Sh*t Sherlock Bike Blog Roundup

This week's big blog story comes from across the Atlantic, when People for Bikes released the first major US study on protected bike lanes and the US bike bloggers fell on it like seagulls fighting over a chip (seagulls may be on our mind as it was the Cycling Embassy AGM in Brighton this weekend - hence the late running of this blog roundup).

The Great Big Kamikaze Cyclist Bike Blog Roundup

This was the week we learned that the most feared mode of transport in Britain is the dread 'kamikaze cyclist', fear of which has held up the planned implementation of a cycle scheme in Cambridge, a city which has long been dominated by cyclists.

Response to TSRGD Consultation

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) - which sets out the design of official traffic signs and markings that can be placed on or near roads in England, Scotland and Wales, and also sets out the conditions for their use - is open for consultation, with a number of proposed changes.

The Great Big Bank Holiday Bonus Blog Roundup


The Great Big Bank Holiday Bonus Blog Roundup



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