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McLoughlin's investment

Kats Dekker takes a hard look at the Transport Secretary's speech to the Conservative Party Conference

Patrick McLoughlin

The Great Big Any Colour as Long as it's (not) Pink Bike Blog Roundup

This week seemed to bring a number of blogs about what might encourage more women to cycle - from teaching them to 'own the road' to bike trains to bikes that also sell ice cream.

The Great Big Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics Bike Blog Roundup

Before we start - a reminder that the Manchester Space for Cycling ride is on this evening and that massive numbers will be needed to make an impact - after all, in politics as in life 80% of success is showing up.

The Great Big Bike Blog Roundup they Couldn't Ban

Not, of course, that they've tried - but there does seem to have been an odd trend this week of banning cycling: from a housing association in Dagenham banning cycling (and fun) to a Welsh school which was either failing to see the woods for the trees

Rewarding campaigners

My friend and fellow cycle campaigner Claire Prospert won the prestigious SMK Transport Campaigner award 2010 for founding the Newcastle Cycling Campaign.

Wales, a Cycling Nation

Much has been said about the pioneering approach Wales has taken to Active Travel, but what's really happening on the ground? We sent our Welsh correspondent, Geoff Rone, to find out...


The Great Big On-the-Political-Agenda Bike Blog Roundup

Could it be, that after years of being considered a fringe thing, this marked the week when cycling got onto the mainstream political agenda?

The Great Big Space For Cycling Blog Roundup

At the start of the week, the big story was the Get Britain Cycling debate in Parliament, with a massive Space For Cycling protest ride occurring outside the chamber. VoleOSpeed set out the reasons to attend the protest, as did As Easy As Riding A Bike.

The Great Big Picking on Pickles Bike Blog Roundup

We'll turn to Mr Pickles in a moment, but before we start a reminder that today is the Get Britain Cycling debate and we hope that everyone who can will be turning out to ask for space for cycling this evening.

The Great Big Bumper Bank Holiday Bike Blog Roundup

It's a long weekend (except for some viewers in Scotland) so before we start on the usual complaining and kerb-nerdery, let's consider the children who will be spending it effectively imprisoned in their homes by fear of traffic and paedophiles - it's kids who we should be campaigning for if we're to be effective.


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