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The Great Big Bikes are the Answer Bike Blog Roundup

We know we're preaching to the choir here, but one of the things campaigners often ask for is positive reasons for supporting cycling even among non-cyclists.

Assessing the quality of cycling provision - an audit tool for campaigners

We all know that British cycling infrastructure is - very often - not up to scratch. It's unsafe, or unattractive, or it involves excessive delay, or diversion, or simply doesn't make sense. Or all of the above.

But can we really say how bad, or how good, it is? Up until now, it's been quite difficult for the average cycle campaigner, without many tools at his or her disposal, to make an objective assessment of the quality of a cycle route, or a cycle network.

The Great Big Gloves are Off Bike Blog Roundup

As the sainted Chris Boardman lays out the battle lines betwen old men in limos and people on bikes, the Guardian reckons the gloves have come off while Cyclists in the City considers a conflict of interest on the TfL board.

The Great Big Where's MY Sticker Bike Blog Roundup

Hearts and minds

It used to be you got a sticker for being good, now it seems all you have to do to earn one is park in a bike lane or rent a car from Europcar, although the company is now denying they were theirs - perhaps they were placed there by a passing cyclist

The Great Big Business as Unusual Bike Blog Roundup

This was a slightly confusing week in which a car insurance firm got all excited about carless cities and Business Insider was posting its tips for cycling in New York (yes, they're a bit lame, but the fact that they're even in there is a start) and the US list of bicycle friendly businesses grew ever longer, triggering what migh

The Great Big Never Mind the Bikelanes, Feel the Bikelash Bike Blog Roundup

Eyecatching story of the week was undoubtedly Streetfilms' bikelash video and the implication that a certain amount of pushback was an inevitable part of the evolution of cycling policy and something you should be looking out for in your city.

The Great Big Entirely Non-Discriminatory Bike Blog Roundup

This week's storm-in-a-teacup award goes to Birmingham councillor Deirdre Alden for her headline-grabbing claim that cycling is a discriminatory form of transport as it disproportionately favours fit white men (while other councillors also raised concerns over plans for a free bike scheme).

The Great Big Back to School Bike Blog Roundup

With apologies to viewers in Scotland, where the kids have been back in school for aaages, the return to school of most pupils cast a bit of a spotlight on children and cycling - starting with this mini-tragedy in a graph - right across the UK kids would love to cycle to school, but instead are spending ever more time in cars. But who should we blame?

The Great Big Storm in a Dog Bowl Bike Blog Roundup

Before we kick off with this week's roundup, could you first just read this post about sustainable safety and then sign the petition (we'll wait). Thanks...

The Great Big it's Really not that Complicated Bike Blog Roundup

This week saw Transport for London unveil its latest attempt at a Dutch-style roundabout, leaving most people wondering why they were doing something so complicated (spoiler alert: the answer is "traffic flow" - despite the fact that 1/3 of that traffic is bikes) - when there's a much simpler solution that even the Americans can see is bet


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