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Raised entry treatment

A speed table which is built across the width of a side road at a junction. It creates a level crossing surface for pedestrians (and cycle users where part of a cycle track).

Rapid Cycleway Prioritisation Tool

The Rapid Cycleway Prioritisation Tool (RCPT) provides an interactive map for every transport authority in England.


The Road Danger Reduction Forum. A group of transport officials and professionals who work on cycling walking, transport planning and other related areas.


A physical, kerbed "island" placed in the carriageway design to assist pedestrians and cycle users to cross the road in more than one stage, but without giving any specific priority.

Regional cycle route

A cycle route planned and maintained by a local authority or other regional body.


To be completed. Used in "20mph zone"

Return on Investment (RoI)

How the DfT evaluates whether it’s spending its money wisely. Cycling spending tends to provide ratios of 3 or more to 1 in direct and indirect benefits.


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Revenue (spending), in reference to cycling, applies to the immediate use of cash on projects, usually day-to-day running, or maintenance. 

Rising bollards

A rising bollard is a physical barrier which sinks into the ground when a permitted vehicle is approaching, but otherwise prevents unauthorised vehicles from passing through. 

RLJ (Red Light Jumping)

An RLJ has occurred when a vehicle has crossed the stop line while the associated traffic light signal was red.

Road Hierarchy

A 'road hierarchy' refers to a system of classifying all the roads and streets in a given area, according to their function. Typically this will involve 

Road Hump

The official, legal term for what are more commonly known as 'speed humps', designed to slow and control vehicular traffic.

Road humps come in various forms -

Road Safety Audit

A Road Safety Audit (RSA) is an evaluation of a new highway scheme, before, during and after construction, with the intention of identifying potential safety issues, and to propose measures to eliminate them.

Road Tax

This is an incorrect term for Vehicle Excise Duty or vehicle tax - a tax on vehicles emissions.

Road Traffic Act 1988

An Act of Parliament, concerned with licensing of vehicles, insurance and road regulation.

Road Traffic Regulation Act (1984)

The Road Traffic Regulation Act is a piece of primary legislation that allows highway authorities to lawfully restrict and manage traffic (including cycling and walking - both con

RTA - Road Traffic Act

A Road Traffic Act is an act of Parliament (i.e. a UK law or regulation) which relates to the public highways.

RTC - Road traffic collision

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"Road traffic collision" is the official Police phrase used to describe a crash. 


"Road Traffic Incident" - used alongside "Road Traffic Collision" as a replacement for "Road Traffic Accident".