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Uniformity of provision

'Uniformity of provision' is a design philosophy that means cycling infrastructure is suitable for all potential users, whether they are young or old, fast or slow, experienced or inexperienced. One design approach is employed for all potential users.

Unmarked junction

An 'unmarked junction' is a road junction on the highway that has no road markings - for instance, no 'Give Way' lines.


'Unravelling' (or 'unbundling') refers to the deliberate separation of main cycling routes from driving routes, at a network level.


The height difference of a kerb between different areas of a highway (for instance, between the carriageway and the footway, or between a cycleway and a footway).

Utility cycling

The act of using a bike for a day-to-day task, such as shopping, commuting, going to the cinema, visiting friends, etc. Any cycling done simply as a means of transport rather than as a sport or leisure activity.