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Inclusive bicycle

A bicycle adapted in one way or another to accommodate its user's disability. This could be a tricycle, tandem, handcycle, or a wide variety of other types. 

Inclusive design

Inclusive design - not specifically about cycling - involves ensuring that everyone is able to use places, buildings, equipment, tools and environments, and that they are safe and convenient, for all.


The principle that design for cycling should not exclude any particular user, be it because it is too hostile, too intimidating, or cannot accommodate their type of cycle.

Induced demand

“If you build more space for motor traffic, you will get more motor traffic”. Induced demand is the idea that building more roads will generate more demand for those roads.

Infrastructure safari

A term used by the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, and coined by Sally Hinchcliffe, to describe organised visits to particular areas to look at and understand cycling provision in a particular area. 


A Dutch term meaning 'driveway kerbs' or 'entrance kerbs'. 



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An intergreen period is the amount of time between the end of a green phase, and the start of another green phase.


'Intervisibility' is a technical term used in highway engineering, which in plain language simply means users being able to (mutually) see each other.