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Vehicle Excise Duty. Commonly and incorrectly referred to as ‘Road Tax’, although media organisations will occasionally make the effort to use the more correct ‘car tax’.

Vehicular cycling

A term coined by John Forester to describe riding a bicycle as if it were a motor vehicle.

Visibility Splay

A measurement of the distance at which users should be able to see left and right as they approach a junction on the minor arm. It is composed of an 'x' distance and a 'y' distance, as shown in the Highways England diagram below.

Visual Looming

'Visual looming' refers to changes in optical size as an object approaches. It allows us to perceive the speed at which an object is approaching us.


'Voorrangsplein' (literally, 'priority square') is a Dutch junction type that is superficially similar to a roundabout, but that takes the form of long lonzenge-shaped central island, designed specifically for situations where a major road (a distribut

Vulnerable Road User

A term used to describe pedestrians, cyclists, horse riders and motorcyclists, abbreviated to VRU. The term reflects the fact that these users are not surrounded by the protective shell of a motor vehicle and are therefore at greater risk of harm

Vulnerable Road User Audit

A vulnerable road user audit (VRUA) is an assessment of either an existing road network, or planned changes to the road network, including footways, cycleways, bridleways, and other links.