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In highway engineering, there are three main uses:

Tactile paving

Tactile paving (or surface) is a textured surface which gives different information to blind and partially-sighted people.

Temporal protection

A form of protection separating cycling (or walking) from motor traffic, that involves separating these modes in time. 

Temporary Traffic Order

A Temporary Traffic Order (TTO) is a form of legal instrument used by highway authorities to implement traffic management controls on their roads - the power to do so lies with 

Through road

A through road is for fast traffic, travelling longer distances, in large volumes. Motorways, trunk roads, bypasses, and so on.

Tiger crossing

Former (unofficial) term for what is now called a Parallel Crossing.


A London-specific term, standing for the "Transport for London Road Network" (alternatively, the "Transport for London Route Network").

Toucan crossing

Two CAN cross (sigh!). A crossing for use by pedestrians and cycle-users at once.

Traffic Analysis Tool

An online tool developed to conduct surveys of estimated motor vehicle journey times taking, account of traffic congestion as estimated by Google Maps.

Traffic island

Or ‘roundabout’

Traffic Management Order

Or ‘TMO’ - used in some London locations instead of Traffic Regulation Orders.

Traffic Order

A traffic order is a legal document which formalises a highway authority's ability to regulate or manage traffic - 'traffic' will include cycles and pedestrians. 

Traffic Regulation Order

A Traffic Regulation Order (or TRO) is a legal instrument, used by highway authorities to implement traffic management controls on their roads.

Traffic stress

Traffic stress is caused by safety issues (both perceived and real), as well as extended travel distance and difficulties in negotiating parts of the network.

Transport Poverty

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Abbreviation of Trip Rate Information Computer System.


A bicycle with three wheels, whether the two wheels are in front (like a Christiana trike) or behind (like a Pashley trike)

Trixi mirror

A convex mirror attached to traffic signals to help drivers (especially HGVs) to see down the side of their vehicle for the presence of people on cycles, especially before turning left.


The Transport Research Laboratory, at Crowthorne in Berkshire.


Abbreviation of the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions.

Turbo roundabout

A specific form of roundabout for motorists, with a spiral pattern that commits motorists to choosing the correct lane before entering the roundabout. Lane changes on the roundabout itself are eliminated.