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A View from the Drawing Board - Exempting Cyclists From Traffic Regulation Orders

We're very excited to introduce a new series of guest blogs from a traffic engineer which we think will be invaluable to anyone who's ever been told 'well that's all very well, but it wouldn't work here because...' First up: the wonderful world of Traffic Orders ...


The Great Big New Year, New You, Bike Blog Roundup

Hello and welcome back - we hope you're as refreshed as we are from our Christmas break and ready to tackle the world of bike blogging once more.

The Great Big Trying To Be Festive Blog Roundup

The big news this week was the reaction to the near-simultaneous verdicts in two separate court cases, one relating to the death of Sam Harding in Holloway, the other to the serious injuries suffered by the Times' Mary Bowers. Several bloggers tackled the issue of sentencing in the wake of the verdicts on Friday.

The Great Big Don't Mention the War Bike Blog Roundup

Well there was only one really big story in Bike Blog Land this week.

Democratizing Cycling


Sally Guyer founded the Cambridge Raincoat company, bringing stylish rainwear to the UK that can be worn on and off the bike. She has been a strong supporter of the Embassy from the outset and here she explains why:

The Great Big NICE approved Bike Blog Roundup

First, let's celebrate the latest recognition that we should all be walking or cycling short distances, news that will come as a huge shock to approximately none of this site's readership.

A non-cyclist's view of cycle campaigning

A guest blog post from the Alternative Department for Transport

I have a confession to make: I'm not a cyclist. At least, I don't think I am. 

The Great Big Shipshape and Bristol Fashion Bike Blog Roundup

Bike bloggers can be an angry bunch so sometimes compiling the bike blog roundup can be a dispiriting exercise.

The Great Big Spoiled Ballot Bike Blog Roundup

Reading the papers this week, it seems as if the only people who actually cared about the PCC elections were the cyclists, with Chester Cycling, Andrew Reeves-Hall, the Leicester Cycle Campaign and Cambridge


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