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The Great Big Father's Day Blog Roundup

It's Father's day, and while Biking In LA has thought to mark the occasion by remembering the man who first got him cycling, other topical blog posts were thin on the ground so Dads everywhere will just have to make do with more artfully placed handlebars than you can shake a stick at on this gallery

The Great Big Round and Round and Round we go Bike Blog Roundup

Welcome to the post-Jubilee Bike Blog roundup, and I'm sure Peter Walker meant no reflection on her Maj when he suggested that we are governed by dimwits.

A Round-up 60 Years In The Making

This week has seen several posts following on from last week's Cycling Embassy AGM, including At War With the Motorist and As Easy As Riding A Bike.

The Great AGM Week Round-up

The big news this week has been the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain AGM weekend which was held in Bath and Bristol. Both our Chair Jim and Estudio27 have written in advance of the Cycling Embassy's AGM during the week, no doubt we will be hearing more in next week's round-up. 

Love London, Go Dutch - 4) Go Danish? Or even Go Bow?

This is the final post in a series on LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign - the previous three are here, here and here

Love London, Go Dutch - 3) Cycle tracks and civility

This is the third in a series of four posts on LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign - the first two are here and here, the last is here

Love London, Go Dutch - 2) Safety in Numbers?

This is the second of four posts on the London Cycling Campaign's Love London, Go Dutch campaign. The first is here, the final two are here and here.

Love London, Go Dutch - 1) Choice?

This is the first of four posts on the London Cycling Campaign's Love London, Go Dutch campaign. The next three are here, here and here.

The Great Big Red-Light Jumping (not really) Bike Blog Roundup

Before we start - and we've got a bit of a bumper issue for you, so I hope you're sitting comfortably - could I remind you about the Cycling Embassy AGM - although 'AGM' doesn't really do it justice, it will be a bit of a weekend cycling extravaganza. And your chance to shape the future of the Embassy, which (apart from anything else) brings you these fine bike blog roundups every week. That alone has got to be worth a little of your time, no?

The Never mind the width, Feel the Quality Bike Blog Roundup

Hello? Anybody out there? Blogging has been quiet this week, it seems, perhaps because you're all riding around enjoyin the May weather (northerly gales and rain up here as we type) - or perhaps because you all read this and realised it might be redundant.


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