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It's Health and Safety Gone Not Nearly Mad Enough


We've already seen the revelation a simple trip to Amsterdam can be for the average British cyclist. Now Sam Smith asks why more of our officials and campaigners don't seem interested in learning from the Dutch.

The Great Big Reshuffled Bike Blog Roundup

This week, as you might have heard, the PM rearranged the cabinet somewhat giving us a new Transport Secretary before the old one had barely settled in.

Of Stickmen and Disability: a Real Paralympic Legacy

Kevin Hickman of the Inclusive Cycling Forum (and the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain) considers the Paralympic Legacy - and where the real discrimination lies in society.

A trip to Amsterdam

A guest blog post from @briseglace, just returned from Amsterdam.


I knew before I ventured out to the recumbent land of mild cheeses, windmills and Heineken beer, that it was a place where cycling is not only looked upon favourably, but embedded deep within the rhythm of daily routine.

The Great Big Back-to-School Bike Blog Roundup

As a Scottish resident, I feel honour-bound to point out that the Scottish schools have been back for aaages, but for readers south of the border it's that time again - when the roads will suddenly be clogged with cars driving kids all of half a mile - although at least the teachers might be getting in on two wheels.

The Great August Bank Holiday Weekend Round-up

It was the week in which a little-known car insurance company bankrolled by Gary Lineker started a cynical publicity stunt genuine road safety campaign using the twitter hashtag #sharetheroaduk which, amongst other things called for compulsory training and testing of cyclists.

The Great Big Morning After the Olympics Before Bike Blog Roundup

Ah, with the Olympics over and the Paralympics not yet begun, the giddy mood that temporarily overcame us all seems to have thoroughly dissipated leaving nothing but a hangover and a chance to go cycling with our heroes (or anti-heroes, if you're a councillor in Sussex).

Biking with kids and without - getting your dependants independent on the road

Many of our guest blog posts are written by 'experts' or campaigners in some way - but those of us who also simply ride are probably the real experts when it comes to what gets people cycling. Here's one perspective from Catherine Wilks:

The Great Big Never Mind the Medals, feel the Legacy Blog Roundup

With the Olympics Part 1 drawing to its close, our minds turn naturally to what the legacy will be - Carol Ann Duffy putting it best, as befits our Poet Laureate.

The Great Big Talking to Ourselves Cos Everyone's Watching the TV Bike Blog Roundup

There will be a necessarily olympic flavour to this weeks blog roundup as it was hard to find anything that wasn't at least tangentially related.


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