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The Great Big Hitting the Headlines Bike Blog Roundup

We all knew cycle safety would be on the front pages this week - with the Times's #cyclesafe campaign being given renewed impetus - making the Guardian jealous and impressing Cyclists in the City.

The Great Big Where are my Heated Bike Lanes Bike Blog Roundup

With the clocks going back and the darkness upon us, it's time to remind cyclists to leave their invisibility cloaks at home and turn up the hi-vis to the max (even though you can be lit up on a flourescent trike and dancing for charity from John O'Groats to Lands end and they still won't see you) (oh and

The Great Big Conference-Going Bike Blog Roundup

Well, we thought we knew what the bike blogosphere would be abuzz with this week, what with the Copenhagenize event in Kensington last week, two Going Dutch conferences in Bristol and London and the CTC conference announcing its shift from its

The Great Big Let's All Get the Economy Moving Bike Blog Roundup

With conference season past and more austerity on the way, where else should we turn to but cycling to save us all? After all the evidence is stacking up that bike lanes on busy streets are good for business - if only because you're not trapped in your car and can go shopping.

The Great Big Does my Consultation Exercise Look Good in This? Bike Blog Roundup

We value your opinion here at the GB Cycle Embassy and we'd like to ask you what you think about the Bike Blog roundup - too many links? Not enough bike racing articles, or pictures of girls in high heels? Should we write the whole thing in comic sans? Please get your input in to us by, oh yesterday, and we'll go right ahead and keep on doing what we're doing anyway.

The Great Big Lazy Sunday Bike Blog Roundup

Stuck for something to blog about? Just take a leaf from our lazy blogger's guide to blogging and link to everyone else's brilliance instead.

The Great Big Think Cyclist! Bike Blog Roundup

Hello and welcome to the week when the Government's latest £80,000 cycling safety campaign - 'people should be nice to each other' met with more or less universal derision - it was nice to see the CTC in full agreement w

Space and its use in the city of Amsterdam

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has long made the case that cycle tracks, and space for cycling more generally, should not be seen through the prism of getting cyclists out of the way of motorists, but rather as part of a strategy of humanising and civilising our towns and cities.

The Great Big Misunderstood Bike Blog Roundup

Well, we thought we'd got all the hating out of the way last week but it seems not as the rantings of a driving instructor get Dave McCraw thinking, the Cycling Lawyer sums up why he can stomach lawyer jokes but not anti-cyclist ones and an open letter to


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