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The Great Big Oscar-Winning Bike Blog Roundup

Oh all right, we don't have even the most tenuous connection to the Oscars this week - except to say that it's not the British but the women who are coming - at least to the US national Bike Summit, Elly Blue among them - where she'll be

Cycling in Japan

When I visited Japan at the end of last year, I cycled from the outskirts of Tokyo to Shibuya, taking a route which covered about 50 km. At the end of this ride I noticed that my arms were quite sore. It wasn’t that I had covered a distance greater than I had done on plenty of other occasions, it was that I hadn’t been required to stop anything like as frequently as I would have when travelling the same sort of distance in the UK.

The Great Big Forget About Horses, We've Got Bikes Blog Roundup

This week there was further examination of the census data, with David Hembrow arguing that exaggeration may be harmful, while Drawing Rings Around the World looked at where cycling growed (and did not grow) in London between 2001 and 2011.

The Great Big Taking your Speeding Points Bike Blog Roundup

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, stop that and go and respond to the CS2 extension enquiry as it closes on Monday - and if you need an almost ludicrously thorough examination of the whole scheme then you're in the right place.

School Run Woes


There has been much talk recently of cyclists' ‘Right to the Road’. It is a term often bandied around whenever there is mention of separating cycle traffic from motorised traffic. I am purposely avoiding the term 'segregated' after a discussion with someone who drew parallels with apartheid. I suppose some might think that keeping cyclists to a certain part of the road might make them a second class citizen, but given the choice, I know which I would prefer.

The Great Big Stand Up and Be Counted Bike Blog Roundup

There's nothing bike bloggers like so much as some nice juicy data to play with, so the release of the census data on commuting from England and Wales was fallen upon like the last flapjack in a cycling cafe with Countercyclical having a look at Gosport and Drawing Rings producing a colour map of London.

Rule changes mean you can now claim for damage to your bike

Another in a regular series of guest posts from national law firm Access Legal from Shoosmiths covering legal issues associated with cycling and cycle accidents. Lawyers in the Access Legal specialist cycle accident claims team are not only personal injury experts, they're also cyclists themselves who whole-heartedly agree with the aims and ambitions of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain.

The Great Big Parliamentary Inquiry Bike Blog Roundup

No question what the biggest story was in bike blog land this week - the Get Britain Cycling inquiry.

The Great Big Baby its Cold Outside Bike Blog Roundup

Ah winter, which wouldn't be winter without the statutory Dutch post about clearing bike paths - how very different from our own experience where we'd probably be better advised to take matters into our own hands (or wheels).

The Great Big Can't Quite Believe our Eyes Bike Blog Roundup

Well. It's been quite a week, in London anyway, which began with both Cyclists in the City and the LCC welcoming much of the proposed CS2 extension.


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