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The Great Big Late-Running Bike Blog Roundup

Apologies for this roundup being a day late, which was due to the wrong kind of internet on the line. And, just to delay you a little more - please take a moment to sign the petition in support of the Get Britain Cycling report if you haven't already - oh, and book your place on the Cycling Embassy gathering and AGM while you're at it. It's all right, we'll wait.

The Great Big Not in Our Back Yard Bike Blog Roundup

We've covered the strange love-hate relationship some places have with bike infrastucture before but it seemed to be all over the place this week. Like Portland, for example where despite the benefits of bike corrals, a business group manages to scupper the street seats programme.

The Great Big Bike to School Bike Blog Roundup

Perhaps it was the end of the Easter holidays or the belated arrival of spring, but cycling in school, and to school seemed to be on people's minds this week.

The Great Big Managed-On-£53 Blog Round-up

It has been a quiet (and short) week in bike blog land, perhaps bloggers are enjoying an extended Easter break, snowed in or simply too busy with this year's 30daysofbiking.

the Great Big Easter Bunny's Bike Blog Roundup

It was another mixed bag of a week in bike blog land.

A Cambridge Infrastructure Safari

On a snowy and bitterly cold day last weekend, the Embassy had the pleasure of being taken on a Infrastructure Safari around Cambridge by the city's Cycle Campaign, along with other cycling bloggers and campaigners.

We saw some excellent connecting links, joining up parts of the network. Bridges provided safe, comfortable routes across large roads, and across rivers.

The Great Big in a Pickle Bike Blog Roundup

In a bit of a mixed bag of a week, the main story seemed to be Eric Pickles' pronouncement on parking which triggered off a three part look at what high streets really need from the Cycling Front of South Gloucestershire.

The Great Big After the Dust Settles Bike Blog Roundup

After all the excitement last week, non-Londoners might be forgiven for hoping that London wouldn't dominate the blog roundup again but it's taken a while for the dust to settle after Boris's Bombshell and a more considered verdict to emerge (and yes, that post is rather long. Read it though, we'll wait).

The Great Big All Too Exciting Bike Blog Roundup

OK, OK, we'll come to the big Boris announcement in a minute but a week is a long time in bike blog land and it's worth remembering just how downbeat we all felt at the beginning of the week with the Police chiefs telling incredulous MPs that they only enforce the laws they like (and then

The Great Big Arguing Amongst Ourselves Bike Blog Roundup

It seems to have been a contrarian week in bike blog land (so what's new you ask?).


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