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The Great Big is it STILL Winter Bike Blog Roundup

Well, we thought we'd done the whole snow and ice thing last week, but it seems winter just keeps on keeping on, and even though a bit of unexpected snow can bring out the best in everybody, if after several days your 'award winning cycle paths' still haven't been gritted then it all starts to wear a bit thin - no wonder the winter

The Great Big Cold Enough for you? Bike Blog Roundup

With the winter closing in, at least in the Northern hemisphere (other hemispheres are available), the Winter Cycling Congress wants to know if your city is a winter cycling city - although it looks as if Aberdeen is ruling itself out from

The Great Big Old Cyclists Never Die Bike Blog Roundup

The week started with the welcome (if unsurprising) news that old cyclists never die - in fact they don't even get old - good news for those older drivers who may need to take to three wheels - and fortunately it's never really too late to learn although once you do learn to cycle in adulthood it's even more important that you

The Great Big New Year's Resolution Bike Blog Roundup

It's 2015 and we're back from our Christmas break all ready to, well, go back to bed, frankly but that's another matter. Out there in bike blog land resolutions were being made - mostly to cycle more - although if you are resolving to give up your car then Kim Harding has a dire warning for you - life may never be the same again.

The Great Big Christmas is Coming Bike Blog Roundup

It's that time of the year when all thoughts turn to Christmas and that tantalising bike-shaped parcel under the tree (which you all fetched by bike of course, right?), and your blog roundup compiler's thoughts turn to her Christmas break, but before I can spend the festive season looking at nothing more demanding on the internet than kitten videos, there's

The Great Big Autumn Statement Bike Blog Roundup

OK, so technically (and meteorologically) it is definitely winter - with Chicago working out how best to clear its protected bike lanes of snow, and the Dutch (of course) undauntedly cycling through the rain - but the airwaves, newspapers and bike blogs were also full of the implications of the Autumn Statement and with it the 

The Great Big (But Actually Nowhere Near As Big As It Sounds) Blog Round-up

Sally is off this week, just in case you were wondering about the sudden drop in quality. Don't worry, she will be back next week.

Nick Clegg announces a drop in the ocean for cycling

The Great Big Vision Thing Bike Blog Roundup

The Scottish Government set the tone for this week when it released its long term vision for active travel amid confusion over whether it offered a target, vision or aspiration - or just a way of getting rid of an inconvenient number.

A Dorset Safari - how leadership is needed from the Department for Transport

At the end of September, the Embassy was invited down to Dorset by the county's Principal Transport Planner, to take a look at what Dorchester and Weymouth have achieved with (limited) amounts of funding, and in the face of political opposition to designing for cycling - our latest in a series of Infrastructure Safaris.

The Great Big Strategic Enough For You? Bike Blog Roundup

It seems to have been a week of strategies and plans this week, but it has also been a week of remembrance - and not just of cyclists in war but the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims with events and services around the country.


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