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A Dorset Safari - how leadership is needed from the Department for Transport

At the end of September, the Embassy was invited down to Dorset by the county's Principal Transport Planner, to take a look at what Dorchester and Weymouth have achieved with (limited) amounts of funding, and in the face of political opposition to designing for cycling - our latest in a series of Infrastructure Safaris.

The Great Big Strategic Enough For You? Bike Blog Roundup

It seems to have been a week of strategies and plans this week, but it has also been a week of remembrance - and not just of cyclists in war but the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims with events and services around the country.

The Great Big Rise of the Undead Bike Blog Roundup

We thought we'd done with zombies after Halloween last week, but some things just keep on coming long after we thought they had been laid to rest.

The Great Big Day of the Dead Bike Blog Roundup

No apologies for starting with the States this week, where the Governors' Highway Safety Association decided to celebrate Halloween by publishing a report on traffic deaths that seemed to be all about the dead, drunk, helmetless cyclists - despite the fact that cycling fatalities were

The Great Big Trick or Treat Bike Blog Roundup

Halloween is almost upon us, but when it comes to trick or treating, it seems cyclists have been on the receiving end of more tricks than treats this week, with the bomb squad having to be called in to defuse one Portland booby trap (you think your bikelash is bad...), while the Green Audi of the Apocalypse helped recruit one cyclist to the Near Miss project.

The Great Big Bikes are the Answer Bike Blog Roundup

We know we're preaching to the choir here, but one of the things campaigners often ask for is positive reasons for supporting cycling even among non-cyclists.

Assessing the quality of cycling provision - an audit tool for campaigners

We all know that British cycling infrastructure is - very often - not up to scratch. It's unsafe, or unattractive, or it involves excessive delay, or diversion, or simply doesn't make sense. Or all of the above.

But can we really say how bad, or how good, it is? Up until now, it's been quite difficult for the average cycle campaigner, without many tools at his or her disposal, to make an objective assessment of the quality of a cycle route, or a cycle network.

The Great Big Gloves are Off Bike Blog Roundup

As the sainted Chris Boardman lays out the battle lines betwen old men in limos and people on bikes, the Guardian reckons the gloves have come off while Cyclists in the City considers a conflict of interest on the TfL board.

The Great Big Where's MY Sticker Bike Blog Roundup

Hearts and minds

It used to be you got a sticker for being good, now it seems all you have to do to earn one is park in a bike lane or rent a car from Europcar, although the company is now denying they were theirs - perhaps they were placed there by a passing cyclist

The Great Big Business as Unusual Bike Blog Roundup

This was a slightly confusing week in which a car insurance firm got all excited about carless cities and Business Insider was posting its tips for cycling in New York (yes, they're a bit lame, but the fact that they're even in there is a start) and the US list of bicycle friendly businesses grew ever longer, triggering what migh


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