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The Great Big Fallacy Busting Bike Blog Roundup

Dealing with someone being wrong on the internet got an estimated 37% easier this week with the launch of the Cycling Fallacies website (with the commentariat below the line immediately proving the need for it) something Cardiff By Bike can already see will be useful - and in North America, Toronto

The Great Big Let's Just Call it Bike Year Bike Blog Roundup

With every year that passes, the number of bike weeks and months, to work or for any other purpose seems to proliferate - including even protected b

The Great Big After the Votes have been Counted Bike Blog Roundup

The polling stations have closed, the last tweets sent and the votes have been counted - did you 'vote bike'? And now that the results are in - what do they mean?

The Great Big Vote Early and Vote Often Bike Blog Roundup

With the last few days of the election campaign looming, it's no surprise that attempts to marshall the cycling vote have dominated the week.

The Great Big Only Connect Bike Blog Roundup

It seemed this week that the mantra 'build it and they will come' got a bit of a codicil - 'once it forms a decent network' - certainly Auckland seems to be experiencing network effect as disjointed bits of infastructure start to connect up, as is San Francisco and so might be New York if only the authorities got round to releasi

The Great Big Cusp of a Revolution? Bike Blog Roundup

OK, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's true that we seem to stand at a crossroads here in the UK, between business as usual or a genuine transformation of our streets for the better.

The Great Big Fact or Fiction Bike Blog Roundup

Ah, the beginning of April, where any blog-rounder-upper has to tread warily for fear of being caught by the all too plausible spoof - or dismissing a true story for fear it's too far-fetched.

Confessions of a Reluctant Lycra Lout

This is a guest post from Tom Gatehouse, who lives and works in London. You can contact him at

The Great Big Designed to Fail Bike Blog Roundup

Well, Janette Sadik-Khan might have declared the bike wars over last week - but there seem to be plenty more skirmishes to fight if this week is anything to go by. It should hardly need to be said, but well-designed cycling infrastructure shouldn't depend on well-behaved cyclists - in fact it's because some people behave like idiots that good design is needed.

The Great Big You Rode the Bike Lane now Buy the Book Bike Blog Roundup

This week, with Janette Sadik-Khan promoting her new book, there were plenty of reminders of what cities can do with a sufficiently ambitious leadership (although not everyone has got the memo that the bike wars are over.


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