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An open letter to Guide Dogs

As chair of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, I write to you regarding your #cycleyes campaign, which has been attracting a good deal of media attention recently.

I would like to emphasise that your concerns about cycling on the pavement are our concerns too. Cycling on the pavement suits nobody. It's bad for pedestrians (especially those who are partially sighted, or blind) and it's bad for people cycling too. Few would choose to cycle on a pavement shared with pedestrians if they had a safe and attractive alternative.

A Seaside Safari - join us in Weymouth on 27th September


The Embassy will be visiting Weymouth in Dorset on the 27th September, to take a look at cycling infrastructure in the town, and its surroundings. 

Response to London Cycling Design Standards Consultation

Below is our response to the consultation on the new London Cycling Design Standards, which closes today.

Our comments are on a chapter-by-chapter basis, but our principal overall concerns are

Response to Camden's West End Project Consultation

Our response to Camden's West End Project Consultation.

Camden’s road user hierarchy places cycling second behind walking as a priority, ahead of public transport, taxis, and private motor traffic. We also note that Camden has set a (modest) target of an 8% modal share for cycling in the borough by 2025-6. 

2014 Embassy AGM Report

Full details of our AGM, held in Brighton on the weekend of the 7th and 8th June, are now available online

The TSRGD Review - An Open Letter to the Department for Transport

The Transport Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD) - which sets out the design of official traffic signs and markings that can be placed on or near roads in England, Scotland and Wales, and also sets out the conditions for their use - is open for consultation until the 12th of June.

The Cycling Embassy AGM – the Campaign for Real Cycle Paths

Cycle path

In the short time the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain has been in existence, we've seen a sea change in attitudes about the way cycling should be catered for.

Save the date - our AGM

Our AGM this year will be on the weekend of 7th and 8th June, in Brighton.

Sustrans’ ‘Cycle Design Handbook’

At a time when high standards in cycle infrastructure provision are more important than ever, it is very disappointing that Sustrans have produced a document that, while good in parts, contains a great deal of poor advice, and draws so little on best practice.

Response to DfT Consultation on Local Authority Parking

The Department for Transport's consultation on local authority parking has the stated intention of enhancing 'the attractiveness of our high streets and town centres'. We are concerned, however, that the consultation misdiagnoses both the problem of high street decline, and its potential solutions.


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