So why don't we get more?

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So why don't we get more?

I don’t know if any of you have seen this:- . Basically the LSE have calculated that cycling benefits the UK economy by £3 billion per annum. It’s got me wondering if we should all stop cycling and screw the government because it seems to me that the economy is actually doing very well out of us and we get sweet FA in return – maybe a scrap of the table that is called the £56 million Sustainable Transport Fund.

So all you economists, maths wizzards and other clever buggers out there here’s your home work:-
How much is motoring worth to the UK (check the Beeb article for the criteria that the LSE used) compared to what motoring gets from the tax payer. When the numbers come out, I suspect that proportionally the cycling community will be infused with “righteous indignation”.

(as the Treasurer of this organisation I would like to make it plain that I’m rubbish at sums :-) )