I don't want to get hot and sweaty

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Summary of the claim

Travelling by bicycle is impractical because I would get sweaty, and be smelly for the rest of the day.

In order for a large increase in modal share of cycling, many employers will need to install shower facilities at their premises.

Variant: I need a shower at work to warm up afer cycling in the winter.

Example sources

Lack of changing facilities deter women from using London’s hire bikes

How do you get around the no shower at work problem?

Cars…don’t make you sweaty

Sustrans: To Shower or not to shower?

Summary of responses

  1. Cycling, especially up hills can be made less strenuous by using an electric bike.
  1. Sweat will probably happen if you wear a backpack or helmet. To avoid this, don’t wear a helmet, and carry your load someother way. A basket, panniers, or shoulder bag could help with this. (link to helmet wiki page).
  1. You’ll get hot and sweaty is you go fast. Much road design is suited towards fast cycling at the moment, London streets make you ride fast. Given the right infrastructure, cycling can be like walking rather than jogging.

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