A New Year Newsletter

Happy New Year, everyone!

This is a brief newsletter to tell you what the Embassy has been up to since our last newsletter. 

As well as Sally's regular news round up (Christmas and the Autumn Statement proved especially good), we've had some great Facilities of the Month, including one in Bracknell, others from the UK, and of course lots from the Netherlands ... 

We've also been - with the help of others - updating the Knowledge Base, responding to the less than stellar announcement of cycling funding, assembling a massive list of research documents, and being happy but not quite elated to see Manchester's new plans

The Board is meeting again in the New Year, and we'll be talking about our plans for 2015. Come and see us on Twitter or on the forum if there's something you want to discuss. 

Best wishes to all,

Tim Lennon
Secretary, Cycling Embassy of Great Britain