Cycling Embassy January Newsletter

Dear Embassy Member and Cycling Ambassador,

It's been a few months since we sent an update, so we thought it was about time we sent another!

Good Cycling Facility of the Week

The Embassy's front page has changed, as you may have noticed. Each week we are highlighting a different piece of cycle infrastructure design, both from abroad and in this country, to show that it is possible to create safe and inviting conditions for cycling. The examples won't be spectacular, but that's almost the point - that designing for cycling means doing the mundane things well. If you have an example you think we should highlight, please suggest it to us.


Our new resource has now gone live. The idea is to create a quick and easy reference for cycling campaigners, to provide simple explanations of jargon and technical terms, and evidence of best practice. It is still being constructed, so some terms still lack definitions, and there may be many terms that need to be added to the Dictionary. Again, if you have any suggestions, or terms you think should be included, do contact us.

Consultation Watch

As always, consultations have been keeping us busy over the last few months, as we respond to the bad, the awful and the ugly, and praise the good. We've made our views known on a number of schemes in London, including those in Camden, Shepherd's Bush, and area-wide proposals for Vauxhall. We rely on local knowledge, so the best place for alerting us to consultation schemes is in our Consultation Watch forum. New consultations can be added there, and we can respond to them - or others can refer to that forum for submitting their own responses. There are a number of significant consultations coming up, so keep your eyes peeled.

Shared-use footways

One of the main reasons for the founding of the Embassy was to oppose the construction of sub-standard provision for 'different types of cyclist', and to promote one-type fits-all designs. We've highlighted a large number of recent examples where those who don't feel willing or able to cycle in the carriageway under current conditions are effectively being fobbed off with inadequate design, that puts them into conflict with pedestrians.

Transport Select Committee

Our very own Kats Dekker gave evidence to the Transport Select Committee inquiry into cycling safety this month. As a result of evidence given, and responses to these sessions, the deadline for submissions to this safety inquiry has now been extended until the 17th January 2014. The Embassy will be responding.

A Safari

Finally, we were kindly shown the best and worst of what Leicester has to offer in October, by members of Leicester Cycle Campaign, and others, on an infrastructure safari around the city. These tours are the best way to get to understand the challenges faced, the new designs that are being put in place, and to giggle at the awfulness. If you think the Embassy should come to visit a particular area in 2014, let us know.

That's all for now. Happy New Year!