Cycling Embassy August Newsletter

Dear Embassy Member and Cycling Ambassador,

It's been a couple of months since we sent an update, so we thought it was about time we sent another!

Embassy Response To Government Announcement

On Monday the government announced some money for cycling – quite how much, we weren't sure, as it varied from one report to another. However you slice it though, it's nowhere near enough. Read our news report for more.

The Cycling Embassy Needs You!

We have had a fresh batch of our Freedom For Families postcards printed, so if you think you can distribute some then please get in touch. We're looking for people who can take a stack to their local library, community centre, sports centre – anywhere that families go, really.

We're also looking for volunteers to hand them out at Sky Rides and similar events. There are Sky Rides coming up in Hull, Torbay, Leicester and Milton Keynes. It's easy to do and the families that attend these events are always pleased to discover a group working for their children's future. There's more information about the postcards here.

You can also take a look at our volunteers page to see how else you can help shape the future of transport in Britain.

BBC Newsnight Goes Dutch

Last Wednesday's edition of Newsnight included a report by the BBC's Hague correspondent (and CEoGB guest blogger) Anna Holligan, who travelled by bicycle from the Hague to London.

The piece itself clearly showed the contrast between cycling in the Netherlands and cycling in the UK, although some of the comments from London Mayor Boris Johnson and Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan were disappointing.

You can see the Newsnight video here, along with our comments.

The Nice Way or The Wrong Way?

You may already have heard about the furore surrounding the Scottish government's latest road safety campaign, called the Nice Way Code (yes, really). Unfortunately it seems to be pointing the finger exclusively at people on bikes, and backs up myths and prejudice regarding cycling. You can read our full response here.

And finally…

Every week we publish our Bike Blog Roundup, a weekly digest of all the latest news and views around the UK and globally. You can find all our blogs here.

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That's all for now, until next time!