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You might be interested in this statement from Cyclenation chair, Andre Curtis, today: 

Cycle campaign groups within Cyclenation have been concerned almost from the inception of the network with the quality of infrastructure provided by local authorities and we have seen a variety of initiatives from CCN and Cyclenation seeking to address this in a small way. 


Going back a number of years, CCN ran a campaign on improving standard in infrastructure design and construction , and then there was the series of free best practice seminars that were run in conjunction with our own campaign conferences.  We are still trying to find a way of funding and running a similar series in the future.

Currently Cyclenation/LCC is collaborating with the Dutch embassy running a series of three conferences in Bristol Manchester and London for practitioners and policy makers, with a mixture of UK and Dutch speakers.  We would like campaigners to let us know who amongst your local authority/contractors/consultants would benefit from attending the seminars.   They are free but we are trying to target the audience to make sure  they effective in getting the messages out there to the right people.

Andre Curtis

Should you have any local authority contacts you would like us to make aware of this and future events please send details  to, cc'ing to



Definitely know of some people who should be going!

For info, there's also a Scottish event which I believe is connected to this one, which Cycling Scotland (I think) are involved in

AKA TownMouse

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Just send it to the Chief Exec and Leader of every local authority and it will be directed to the appropriate person via the Head of Highways and if it catches the attention of anyone higher up the food chain, then all to the better!

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