Scotland's 'cycling by design'

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Scotland's 'cycling by design'

Just came across this via the CityCycling Edinburgh forum

I haven't had a chance to read it properly yet or compare it to the UK standards, but I note that the first thing it does is divide cyclists into skill levels and then trips by purpose (utility /leisure). This now seems to be built right into the assumptions of cycleway design...



One of the problems we've found is that when a minimum width is specified for use on a short stretch where the regular minimum can't (or more likely won't without some other 'unpopular' things being done) be achieved, then that minimum gets used throughout a scheme. Then when queried why the regular width hasn't been used we get told that these are only guidelines and compliance is not mandatory.

pete owens

It looks to be mostly a rehash of the old version, which was itself effectively a copy of Cycle Freindly Infrastructure.

One thing they have picked up is the reasearch that shows that narrow cycle lanes are worse that useless, so the standard now specifies 2m as the minimum width.

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