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Manchester's Oxford Road proposals fall short of 'Dutch' quality

Manchester's Oxford Road proposals involve reallocating roadspace to create cycle-specific infrastructure, protecting people cycling from motor traffic. This kind of approach is much needed on busy arterial urban roads like this one. The bus stops in particular appear to have been designed well, with clear design routing cycling behind the bus stops, with priority crossings for pedestrians.

An app for the easy application of cycle route audit tools

We've written recently about the potential value of new audit tools for assessing the quality of cycling routes, and networks - Transport for London's Cycling Level of Service, and the Welsh Active Travel Guidance's Cycling Route Au

The National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence

This Sunday, the 16th of November, is the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

On Saturday 15th there will be a dignified protest in London against the UK's current motor-dominated system, taking place along Oxford Street, called the National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence.

Embassy response to DfT 'Cycling Delivery Plan'

The words used in the opening sections of the Department for Transport's Cycling Delivery Plan are far too optimistic given the weak, inconsistent and varied measures that follow.

Cambridge's Perne Road roundabout is not 'Dutch'

Cambridge's newly rebuilt 'Dutch style' Perne Road roundabout has been slammed as a poor imitation of the cycle-friendly designs of the Netherlands that were promised.

The Department for Transport's Cycling Delivery Plan

The first 'theme' of the Department for Transport's Cycling Delivery Plan is entitled 'Vision, leadership, and ambition' - yet sadly the Plan has an alarming lack of all three.

A Seaside Safari - join us in Dorset on 27th September


The Embassy will be visiting Dorset on the 27th September, to take a look at cycling infrastructure in Dorchester and Weymouth, and their surroundings. 


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