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The Cycling Embassy is doing a book!

The Embassy is trying to assemble a detailed set of information, links and resources to help people around the country to campaign for cycling for everyone. And we need your help!

An Open Letter to Transport for London

Dear Transport for London,

We were grateful for the opportunity to comment on the Cycle Superhighway 2 extension plans, and are delighted to hear that the scheme will be proceeding with many of the suggested improvements.

Cycling Embassy AGM: Meet the new chair

We regret to announce that the Cycling Embassy founder Jim Davis will be stepping down from the Chair for personal reasons, although he will continue to play an active role. Jim founded the Cycling Embassy in January 2011 and has been an eloquent force for change in the way cycle campaigns have operated. He will be replaced by Mark Treasure, Embassy Board member and the force behind the blog As Easy as Riding a Bike.

Presentation on Copenhagen

Here is a PDF version of the presentation on Copenhagen's cycling infrastructure, as given at the Newcastle AGM by David Arditti, who visited on behalf of the Embassy in May 2013.


Cycling Embassy AGM: A Clearer Vision


Cycling Embassy members joined NewCycling campaigners at Newcastle this weekend for the Embassy's third AGM. As well as looking back at what the Embassy had achieved since its foundation, the weekend was a chance to shape its future now that the landscape of cycle campaigning in the UK has shifted radically. When it was founded the Embassy was the only national voice calling explicitly for a Dutch-style approach to cycling provision.

Don't Forget - Cycling Embassy Gathering at Newcastle this Weekend

Cyclists from around the UK will be gathering in Newcastle this weekend for the third Cycling Embassy AGM. As well as a chance to shape the future of the Embassy at an exciting time for UK cycle campaigning, it promises to be a great weekend with two infrastructure safaris and a chance to see what one of the newest and fastest growing local cycle campaigns in the UK, NewCycling, are up to.

Embassy takes part in a study tour in Copenhagen

A group of 25 UK transport professionals took part in a tour of Copenhagen’s cycling infrastructure on 8–9 May this year. Amongst them were independent consultants plus officers working for Transport for London, the London Borough of Lambeth, Bournemouth Council, and Cardiff and Birmingham City Councils.

Urge the Government to implement the Get Britain Cycling Report

We join with the Times' Cities Fit for Cycling Campaign in urging everyone who cares about better travel and safer streets to sign this petition  urging the Government to promote cycling by implementing the Get Britain Cycling report (the full report can be found here). 

Cycle tracks and bus stops - a response to Transport for All

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain notes the concerns raised by Transport for All regarding proposals for 'bus stop bypasses' - cycle tracks passing behind bus stops - in London. 

Clearly, the running of a cycle track between a pavement and a waiting area for buses is less ideal for pedestrians than an uninterrupted pavement. An opportunity for conflict presents itself, where none existed previously.  


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