Help the CTC with their road design policy review


Following a lively debate on the subject in Cycle Digest, the CTC are surveying folk - not just CTC members about their road design policy:

The subject of infrastructure is one on which many people hold strong - often conflicting - views. Historically CTC has tended to be cautious about advocating cycle-specific infrastructure because the quality of such facilities is usually so low, and the pressure to use poorly designed facilities is a problem many cyclists face. However, there are locations and circumstances where stronger support for facilities is justified. Setting the balance between these aspects of the debate - while also trying to raise standards - is the context for this review of policy.

This debate was started in the following articles in CycleDigest - CTC's quarterly bulletin for planners, campaigners and policy makers. We've already had initial feedback from many of our campaigners and there seems to be broad agreement that  well designed segregation can be very useful in the right circumstances. We are now broadening this debate to find out what more people, including cyclists who aren't members of CTC, think. "

You can follow the debate in the last two issues of Cycle Digest -  Issue 68 (page 3) and Issue 69  (page 4-5) and then take part in their survey here.  We look forward to seeing the final results.