Embassy News - 2018

The AGM is coming to Manchester!

Yes, we're in Manchester this year, just after the city hosts Cycle City, Active City.

Starting on 29th June, in the evening, we're reprising the Friday evening drinks we enjoyed in Glasgow.


Embassy response to Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Safety Review

Below is the Cycling Embassy's reponse to the Department for Transport's Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy Safety Review.

Question 1

Do you have any suggestions on the way in which the current approach to development and maintenance of road signs and infrastructure impacts the safety of cyclists and other vulnerable road users?

How could it be improved?

Insert Loved One Here - Valentine's Day Special

Last year the Embassy launched the Insert Loved One Here image creator - a tool designed to shine a light on poor or dangerous cycling environments, asking whether we would want our loved ones cycling in them.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we've updated the tool, allowing you to show love for genuinely good cycling infrastructure - places where you really would want loved ones to cycle.

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