28th April - North and South

Have you saved the date? On the 28th April, 2012, cyclists will be taking to the streets in force to show politicians the support there is for safer cycling. It started in London, with the Big Bike ride,  a closed-roads event from Hyde Park to Blackfriars bridge to support the LCC's Love London, Go Dutch campaign. Cyclists north of the border needn't miss out either - as there's now Pedal on Parliament, which is organising a ride on Holyrood on the same date, in support of its eight-point manifesto, which includes calls for funding levels of at least £20 per head for cycling infrastructure (comparable to the Dutch figure of €25) and revised cycling design guidelines, inspired by what's been acheived by the Netherlands. The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain fully supports both these events - all we need now is rides on the devolved assemblies of Cardiff and Belfast to complete the set.

 And for those who can't wait until April, you might want to join Barnet Cycling Campaign's Great Divide Ride on the 25th March, to highlight the way the North Circular is strangling cycling in North London.