The Embassy Sets a Good Example

You may have noticed that the home page of the Embassy's web site has a new addition – Good Cycling Facility of the Week.

Every week we'll be showcasing a piece of cycling infrastructure that we hope will help you to visualise what everyday journeys by bike could look and feel like.

The weekly facility won't always be a spectacular one – in fact, it will usually be something quite unremarkable – but it will always be infrastructure which aids utility cycling for everyone.

It can be considered a positive counterpart to Warrington Cycle Campaign's Facility of the Month. While that site rightly ridicules the horrendous infrastructure we've all come to know and hate, we felt that it needed balancing with the opposite end of the cycling spectrum. Consider the two collections to be yin and yang, if you will.

Of course, as we're looking for examples of good infrastructure, many of the photos will be of the Netherlands, though we do have some from the UK too! If you have any suitable photos we'd be glad to receive them, you can email them to us.

Our first photo is of a street in Haarlem which has recently been transformed from a fairly horrible standard two-way road into… well, take a look for yourself!