Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain knowledge base.

This knowledge base is a “wiki”, which is a collection of pages anybody can make changes to. (Wikipedia is the most well-known site which uses wiki software.) Using this software we are collaborating on resources that should be of use to cycle campaigners in the UK.

The documents here are not yet complete: you might find some pages that simply have not been written at all yet; other pages might look complete but you should be aware that they may not have been fully reviewed for accuracy and style, and these pages do not necessarily reflect the policies of the Cycling Embassy or the views of all those associated with it.

We are currently working on:


What should good cycle infrastructure look like? How should cycling be catered for?

Dutch Cycle Infrastructure

technical documents explaining the standards for cycling infrastructure in the Netherlands and the evidence for their effects on safety, convenience, and comfort of users, as well as their wider benefits.

Common claims and canards

an index of claims that are frequently made about and against cycling and cycling infrastructure, and our responses to them — the cycle campaigner’s handbook to arguing about cycling!

Local Cycle Strategies

A checklist for groups looking at (or developing) their local authorities’ strategies

Cycle Helmets

information on the effectiveness of cycle helmets and their promotion

Barriers to cycling

the evidence that subjective safety is the major barrier to cycling

Research docs

a bibliography of useful research papers and reviews.

2011 Field Trip

a directory of resources arising from our study tour of the Netherlands.

2012 Policy Bash

Pages supporting our weekend Policy Bash

Infrastructure Safaris

record of Infrastructure Safaris past and planned

The Cycling Embassy Book

Documents for planning the book

Consultation Responses

Gathering together responses to various consultations

Lending library

Books owned by the Embassy or individual members which may be of use in developing these resources

Infastructure Costs

A gathering place for typical costings for different types of infrastructure