The Embassy wants cyclists banned from the roads or doesn’t care if they get banned

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The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain does not want to see cycling banned from the roads for the principal reason that it shouldn’t even be an issue – they are public highways paid for by the public to be used by the public.

However, we would make the argument that people wanting to ride a bicycle in Britain find themselves effectively banned from many thoroughfares already such as ‘A’ road dual carriageways, motorways in all but name. If one looks at a road atlas, one can pretty much drive to all points of the British Isles. Cycling there is quite another matter.

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain wants to see drastic improvements in the way that cycling infrastructure is designed and implemented in the UK. We believe the bicycle has to be taken more seriously as a mode of transport, particuarly for shorter journeys and that means being included at the earliest stages of road design. We would like to see high quality infrastructure networks that can be used from ages 8-80, from schoolchild to club rider. We would like to see fully segregated routes next to dual carriageways to increase subjective safety and linking towns with neighbouring villages (and where possible linking bridleways, byways etc that would otherwise have been made redundant by having a trunk road steaming through it).

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