Design Standards, Documents and Tools

This is a non-exhaustive list of the tools and documents we're aware of.

This page is currently a copy and paste from a Google Doc., and needs tidying!

Camcycle page has a nice style to it. Suggest we follow it in design:


Worth highlighting Deegan presentations to explain?,%20feb14/Brian%20Deegan%20Presentation-%20London%202014.pdf


N.B. Will also need to cover Healthy Street Check in time

(as seen at Hackney: )


Also highlight international best practice study?

2005 edition:

1998 edition:


(new section still to come)

LTN 2/08


Cycling By Design (Scotland)

Welsh active travel design guidance

(Other Sustrans offering?)

Crow Manual (Netherlands).


Making Space for Cycling

Also: CIHT Cycle-friendly infrastructure (1996)

N.B. Original LCDS and Cycling by Design were descended from this document, as indeed is LTN2/08

Also where modern concept of cycle audit originates.

Alex has a copy.

EU Presto Guide (2008)

NACTO Design Guide (2013):

Irish Cycle Manual:

Cycling England Design Portfolio (in the document library already)


For ref: CCN High Standards doc:

Propoensity to cycle tool:

City Specific Guides:




Edinburgh: (can’t find guidelines which I believe were consulted on in ~2013/14

OLD - 1997:

OLD - SEStran Design guide 2008: