Fallowfield loop barriers

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Fallowfield loop barriers

The Fallowfield loop in Manchester has had its barriers opened for the last few weeks as part of a trial - see the link below:


The barriers are due to stay open until 21-8-16, and the Friends of the Fallowfield Loop are looking for feedback at:  floopopenbarriers@gmail.com

This seems like a good opportunity for the Embassy to give some feedback/advice on the use of barriers on routes.  Some recommendations for best practice would be great (and perhaps even an overview of relevant legislation if possible?)  If the Embassy could give some feedback it'd be really helpful.

The barriers are very frustrating - they create points of conflict every half mile or so, and they exclude certain types of bicycle from the path:  tricycles, trailers, tagalong bikes, tandems, cargo-bikes, hand-trikes, bikes with panniers/kid seats, mobilty scooters, etc.  And although the barriers along the route are open, there are several access points to the route which have fixed barriers that can't be opened.  Any advice the Embassy can give on the topic would be a big help.