Cycling and the planning process

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Cycling and the planning process

I would like to share experiences dealing with the planning process, usually for wider schemes which may or not incorporate cycling, but sometimes for road and public realm schemes which may go through the planning process.

I am able to attend the conference tomorrow but not on Sunday.

We've had mixed successes in Coventry, but we now have enough experience to share with others and hopefully help local campaigners get more changes.

The sort of headers / core topics might include:

  1. What is the planning process?
  2. What sort of scheme needs planning permission - and why some schemes don't.
  3. Plannng as a distinct process, separate from, but closely related to, highways.
  4. What delegation means, and why most schemes don't go to committee.
  5. Local and national planning policies and local plans.
  6. Making objections and comments.
  7. Bumping badly designed schemes up to committee.
  8. Dealing with the planning committee (usually for larger or more contentious schemes).