Seminar: Cycling, health and safety: winning the arguments

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Seminar: Cycling, health and safety: winning the arguments

“Cycling, health and safety: winning the arguments”

in just over  a week’s time. The cycling seminar is FREE to attend and is being organised by “Cycle Nation”, the Federation of Cycle Campaign Groups, in Birmingham on Saturday 21 April.

Some outline details are below. There are limited places so please book early:

Expert speakers include:


·         Professor Bruce Lynn (T&HSG) on health and cycling;

·         Malcolm Wardlaw (T&HSG) on risks;

·         Dr Peter Ward on helmets;

·         Jason Torrance (Sustrans) on free-range kids;

·         Dr Robert Davis (Road Danger Reduction Forum) on challenging traditional road safety;

·         Martin Porter, QC, on legal remedies;

·         David Dansky (Cycle Training UK) on impacts on cycle training.


The meeting will close with a discussion on acting locally, and there will be plenty of opportunities for networking & open discussion. 

After the event there will be a short ride to look at an historic bridge and a famous cycling location (as yet undisclosed, but a treat!)



I assume we're not included in under 'poorly-informed campaigns by other organisations' :-)

AKA TownMouse


I assumed it must be a reference to the WI, or other organisations who try to "encourage" cycling while doing nothing to actually address the barrier to it.

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It's our Peter!
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